Scheduling a Visit

Families can schedule visits right from their phone. They will be presented with illuminated slots showing the available times on the system.

Choose a Date and Time

Simple choose the date and time you'd like to visit. If there is an instance where you need to come at an unlisted time, please contact the facility.

Time slots marked in Green are open, Blue are slots you've scheduled already and. Grey are unavailable.

How do I cancel appointments?

Once you schedule an appointment, a blue bar will show up. You will find a cancel button on the bar.

There are no times available, what do I do?

There may be instances where slots are not available for times you wish to visit someone due to unforeseen circumstances or other factors.

A few reasons your spot might be unavailable:

  • The facility is undergoing heavy COVID-19 restrictions
  • There may be low staffing due to an unforeseen circumstance
  • There may me many other loved ones who's turn it in to visit
  • You may be attempting to bring too many guests

GreyMAR is software that the community utilizes to schedule visits. GreyMAR does not create the schedules, restrictions or settings that are applied. For more information on these restrictions please contact the community where your loved one is residing.

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